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I don't have COVID....

Why should I buy an Ivermectin Proflaxis Kit?

We highly recommend having an Ivermectin Proflaxis Kit on hand in case you become exposed or start to develop symptoms associated with COVID. Many communities are experiencing supply issues.

How to use the Ivermectin prophylaxis kit

Prevention of COVID

  • Recommended as long as disease risk is elevated in your community.

  • Single-weight-based dose twice weekly.


  • Recommended at time of exposure to someone known to have COVID.

  • Double weight-based dose day of exposure, repeat in 48 hours.

Early home treatment of COVID

  • Recommended within the first five days of COVID symptoms.

  • Double weight-based dose daily for five days or until symptoms alleviate.

Nutraceuticals, Immune System Supporting Supplements

  • Recommended daily.

  • Dosing varies depending on the need: prevention, exposure, or early treatment

  • Supplements

    • Antiviral Mouthwash​

    • Vitamin D3

    • Vitamin C

    • Quercetin

    • Zinc

    • Melatonin

Additional Information

  • Ivermectin should be taken with a meal.

  • Ivermectin should be taken two hours before or after the supplement quercetin.

  • More protocol information can be found on the FLCCC Alliance Website. Find it 

  • Sign up at FullScript, our online Medical-grade supplement store, and receive a 25% discount.

  • The Fullscript online store and its discounts are available to residents of any state


Find links to more Information 

Information on this web-clinic and medical advice is based on protocol recommendations of the FLCCC Alliance, Dr.Peter McCullough, The American Frontline Doctors, Zelenko Protocol, and the AAPS Protocol. Primary emphasis is placed on the FLCCC Alliance iMask Protocol due to the readability and ease of use for the lay public. Since every situation is unique, each person is encouraged to check with his or her own physician, especially if you are taking any other medications


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